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Awesome news from the doctor today

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Dr. Megan told me today my blood work turned out perfect! Cholesterol, kidney function, liver function, everything was better than normal. My bad cholesterol was so low she said it was as if I was taking medication. My medicine is exercising with weights, HIIT cardio, healthy food, and I'm staying with it. My goals are different as I've gotten older. Staying alive is the top goal.

People deal with stress in different ways. There are those that sit around and dwell on it. That is not the way I go. I like to focus on the things I enjoy and what I can control. That is the only way I can control my stress. Exercise is primary for me.

I got a good swim workout in the other day. I had not been in a pool in almost a year. It felt good and I was able to get some sun as well. When I got home, I watered and planted more flowers in my garden. I have some new seeds that should be coming in soon. Hopefully, we will be getting some rain soon and the garden should flourish.



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