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Airport day was a flop

The managers at Tampa international airport wanted to show their appreciation for the cab drivers, so the set up tables and chairs with nice table cloths and asked us to be their guest. They were going to serve a hot lunch and give a speech. Sounds great. So we all gathered. I'm hungry. Let's eat. Who cares about the speech.

Boss man

The big wigs were there to hear themselves talk and say they appreciated what we do to serve the Tampa airport. In fact, they appreciate us so much, they allow Uber to steal our fares without paying the transportation authority a dime, when we pay an outrageous fee. How's that for friendship?

Anyway, someone in the holding area radioed and said they needed 12 cabs at the terminal STAT. So the guys started deserting. We need to make money. We are not ingrates. I mean, I don't often get invited for cookies and punch but I got bills. Man they started moving some cabs and soon everyone was gone. Nobody left to hear the sterling speech.

Bill and Sam

I guess they gave the talk to themselves. I was going to try and swing back later and see if they had saved me a plate. Never did get back and it started to rain anyway. Talk about pissing on their parade. So much for a good idea.

You know...I got a better idea. Why don't you guys do your fucking job and keep Uber out of the airport. The drivers together pay $17,000 a month for the right to serve the airport. Uber pays nothing and you guys then kick us in the nuts. That's rich. Take that free lunch you were going to serve and stick it up your ass.  Boss man



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