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Uber and Lyft will devastate service to low income and minority riders

TaxiokokThe CEO of Tampa's finest taxi company, Rob Searchy went to Tallahassee two weeks ago to deliberate against a bill that would deregulate "transportation on demand" in Hillsborough county. This bill will allow anyone with a car (and unclear intent) to pick up anyone from an app on their phone. This would allow these drivers to only work hipster areas, and ignore the general population as a whole. The ramifications of this are now being felt in San Francisco and Seattle which is being cherry picked. This movement must be stopped, as well as, Marco Rubio's concept of free enterprise.

While Rob Searcy was in the Florida state capital they played a clip of Ashton Kuthcer of all people. It seems he and the owners of Uber are very tight. This is what was said about that:

Ashton Kutcher made an unplanned cameo during a Florida Senate Transportation Committee meeting two weeks ago. Uber representatives presented a clip of theTwo and Half Men star and Uber investor on Jimmy Kimmel Live blasting Miami for not changing longstanding laws to accommodate the upstart car service.

 "Basically, it's like mafioso, like village mentality of like we're not gonna let the new guy in," the actor said. "Like in Miami."

Diego Feliciano might be considered one of those mafiosi. Feliciano is the president of the South Florida Taxicab Association. A man who got his start more than 30 years ago as a cab driver, Feliciano says Uber seeks to skim the top off taxis' business while potentially threatening service to those who can't afford the app...Read More

And that's my major point about this entire concept. When you have a commission, it makes sure the general public is served, and picked up. The commission can also act on complaints about drivers. This is not just rating a driver on a website. This is controlling who drives and running background investigations to ensure the drivers are not criminals and have good driving records. By having drivers regulated, the HCPTC can make sure adequate insurance and upper limits of liability are at play. If not, the driver could be considered a threat to the public and not allowed to operate. 

More on this coming up.


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