Dr. Megan told me today my blood work turned out perfect! Cholesterol, kidney function, liver function, everything was better than normal. My bad cholesterol was so low she said it was as if I was taking medication. My medicine is exercising with weights, HIIT cardio, healthy food, and I'm staying... Read more →

NOTE: when I ran for Congress 10 years ago this is what the Florida Democratic party branded me as "sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist and bigoted. Not to mention misogynistic and transphobic. The same thiing they call Trump. You can use the acronym SIXHIRBMT. You can even make a... Read more →

Once in a great while the storms of change will overshadow the plans of man. That would happen today. A cold wind blew over Tampa Bay this morning, a brief repose from the subtropical heat ever-present most of the year. The cool air felt good on my face and brought... Read more →

We are entering a Neolithic age of capitalism. Oh, that is a Cuban cigar from Havana - against federal law to have one - Screw 'em (Check my Twitter bar to view videos of my opinion on this) The Tampa Airport Directors of Operations are screwing the local cab drivers... Read more →

United Cab 474 in Ybor City Tampa This is my cab on 7th ave. in Ybor city at sunrise. There was nobody around for the crowds had cleared out a couple hours ago. I am amazed at the number of Uber cars that just steal our customers. Many of the... Read more →

Tim about everything

Donald Trump is your chance to give a big "fuck you" to the establishment. If you have been shit on by democrats who won't enforce real regulations that protect jobs and industries, Trump is your chance to blow the whole thing up. One million people now drive for Uber. I... Read more →

Its rare that you see something that really stands out on the side of the road. Keep in mind that I driver all over Tampa Bay but protest signs using the word "Nigger" really stand out. Considering this was at a convention that was about 50% black. Read more →

View from behind the starting blocks Rarely do the clouds of chance undermine the plans of man. In this case, it was cold. Very cold. And a storm was rolling in as I recently swam in the Spring Masters meet at the North Shore pool in St. Petersburg. It was... Read more →

Look suspicious? I found a"suspicious package" tucked away in the arrival concourse today at Tampa International Airport. I took the steps from the taxi staging area to the bottom floor where the arrival area is located. This is where the bathrooms are at. Next to the service elevator was a... Read more →